Agile resourcing

We are very niche Agile resource provider to our clients. Since 2010 we are providing agile resources to top media houses, financial services organisation, health services, government organizations, logistics experts, telecoms gaints and many more.

We are one-stop-shop for our clients when they need Agile resources. Be it a Product Owner, Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Developers, Testers or Solution/Application Architects or full team, we can provide the full team in very short span of time.

Please contact us for your Agile resourcing requirements. We will be more than happy to assist you in providing a skilled resource for your specific requirements.


  Digital Product Development

Apart from being a specialist Agile resourcing provider, we are very passinate to develop Digital Products for our clients. Whether its a new Web Portal, API, Web App, Mobile App, TV App or combinations of everything, we can deliver these to your requirements and to very high standards. Our consultants have helped our clients to develop cutting edge digital products e.g. New Generation and award winning BBC iPlayer, Digital APIs, API management Platforms, etc.

Bing Web Services
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Bing Web Services
Bing Web Services

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